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Capturing memories that will last a lifetime. 

Specializing in wedding videography, Lauren Simon Films will create a video that shows every detail of your big day! 
Lauren Simon Films : Behind The Lens
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Lauren here! Let me pick your brain for a second..

Do you ever find yourself looking back at your old pictures/videos from years ago? I often go back and look through the thousands (picture & video hoarder here oops) of videos i've taken over the years and I LOVE every second of it. It's so fun to watch each year of my life back with those home videos, iphone videos, youtube videos, etc...

That's exactly the type of bride who would love my wedding films. My film style is very home video like. Although cinematic is absolutely stunning-- my main focus is capturing all of the moments instead of filming less content to get that beautiful cinematic shot. Every now and then I find myself wondering if I should switch my filming style after 7 years of filming weddings since that's where the majority of the market is going but then I remind myself that I don't think I physically could because I know how much footage would be left out of a film/wedding day if I did so. My passion is making sure that you can watch HOURS of footage back later down the road with your family/friends.

If you love going on a deep dive and watching your life back in old videos from when you were younger-- you are my kind of client! :)
I still have lots of 2023 availability and I'd be honored to film your wedding day!

The Knot - Best of Weddings : 2018
The Knot - Best of Weddings : 2019
Voted #1 Best Videographer : 2019
Voted #1 Best Videographer : 2017
Voted #2 Best Videographer : 2018
Voted #2 Best Videographer : 2016
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